Tax Planning


Are you taking advantage of the most appropriate tax deductions available to you? Do you know whether your withholding from your various income sources is set correctly? 

Our team includes three Certified Public Accountants who are knowledgeable about the increasingly complicated Tax Code. Our commitment to staying educated on the most recent changes helps us to be better planners and allows us to assist our clients in wise stewardship of their wealth.  

Our practice intentionally grew out of a more traditional public accounting firm and remains active in accounting and tax services through our co-located public accounting firm, Carter & Beard, P.C. Since we already function as informed and trusted financial advisors, we are seen by many of our clients as a natural fit for assistance with the preparation of their various tax returns. We are pleased to offer our clients the advantage of this separate service, allowing them to enjoy the benefits of a "one-stop shop" approach for added convenience, efficiency, and professional service.  

Beyond the impact of income taxes, we also assist small business owners with managing their payroll taxes, business management, and succession planning, including the tax strategies and implications for selling a business. 

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